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Poly/Orthophosphate Blend 70/30

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Also referred to as LOP-1700, this product is NSF certified.  Inhibits corrosion of steel distribution water lines, iron and galvanized piping, and lead and copper plumbing.
Decreases iron tuberculation, which can extend the life of the distribution system.
Lowers lead and copper levels in the delivered potable water by inhibiting corrosion in the water system.
Lessens the occurrence of microbial-influenced corrosion, providing longer system life.
Controls iron and manganese, minimizing rusty and dirty water in the distribution system.
Reduces discoloration, staining, and mineral build-up, resulting in fewer customer complaints.
Diminishes calcium scale deposits typically seen in hot water lines.
Lowers chlorine demand and improves disinfection by inhibiting iron and manganese. Saves money by reducing corrosion and scale, lowering chlorine demand, and decreasing hydrant flushing, leaks, and failures.

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