Contract Operations - Treatment Technology

Treatment Technology is an elite Colorado provider of service and expertise for all water and wastewater systems. Our operations range from the smallest water systems to larger municipal systems. Treatment Tech operators have over 75 years of combined team experience, and hold the highest licensing available in the State of Colorado. We have the resources and ability to help with any water and wastewater treatment needs, including maintenance and service of collection and distribution systems.

We function as a liaison for the entities we service with the State of Colorado, in providing the necessary compliance reports and information as required. Our well-trained staff has developed great working relationships with the regulatory agencies in Colorado. We maintain records for client facilities, helping keep them accurate and up to date. Additionally, we monitor testing and lab work required by the State of Colorado.

Who We Are

With over 75 years of team experience, Treatment Technology has the resources to solve any water or wastewater treatment need. We are a Colorado leader in chemical sales and contract operations for water districts of any and all sizes - including special districts, towns, municipalities - even independent hotels and town homes.

Where We Serve

We provide contract operations in the State of Colorado. We offer chemical sales and delivery throughout Colorado, and to most connected states including: Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma.